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How to find your tyre size

Professional Tyre Advice

Choose the Right Tyres

Your tyres are a critical part of your vehicle’s safety, they just as important as your vehicle’s airbags, seat belts and brakes. Read More …

How to Tell when Tyres Need Replacing

Here’s how to check if your tyres are still legal. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5 mm across the width of the tread. Read More …

Should I lower tyre pressure off-road?

Off-road you need to adjust your tyre pressure. Lowering the pressure will improve the comfort of the vehicle when you are travelling across rough terrain. So what pressure? How low? Read More …

Nitrogen in Your Car Tyres. Is it Worth it?

Because Nitrogen doesn’t leak as easily as air, Nitrogen gives a more consistent inflation. Having said that Air is 78 percent nitrogen and just under 21 percent oxygen, so the advantage is pretty small. Read More …

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