Nitrogen in Your Car Tyres.

Is it Worth it?

Because Nitrogen doesn’t leak as easily as air, Nitrogen gives a more consistent inflation. Having said that Air is 78 percent nitrogen and just under 21 percent oxygen, so the advantage is pretty small. Commercial aircraft tyres are required to be filled with Nitrogen; but that’s not about performance it’s about safety. Nitrogen is non-flammable and commercial aircraft braking systems can overheat.

So what’s the benefit?

Well, if you’re a F1 driver the extra half a second per lap from consistent tyre pressure it’s worthwhile. For road users it’s pretty much all fantasy.

Nitrogen doesn’t respond to temperature changes any differently than Oxygen, remember air is 78% Nitrogen anyway. You still have to check your tyre pressure just as often. Nitrogen is no substitute for proactive, regular tyre care and maintenance. Major tyre manufacturers do not prefer air or nitrogen—both are acceptable gases for tyre inflation.


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