How to find your Tyre Size

Look on the side wall of your tyres, opposite the tyre brand name.
You’ll find a sequence like: 195/65R15 91H

Choose the Right Tyres

Your tyres are a critical part of your vehicles safety, they just as important as your vehicle’s airbags, seat belts and brakes.

Your vehicle’s total performance can be impacted by your choice of tyres- including handling, safety, and fuel consumption.

Everybody’s needs vary according to how they drive and their vehicle. Some tyres give better grip, while others give a smother quieter ride, some tyres are more durable. But no one tyre can be all things, it’s always a balance of factors. Use need to consider how often you travel on rough roads, do you mainly do city driving, what style of car you have, are you more of a performance driver. Rayners Tyre Centre can help make the right choice for you. Some drivers simply want safe durable tyres at a reasonable price. Where as other drivers want the extra performance that more expensive tyres offer. This is especially true for off-road 4WD vehicles, they need specialist tyres.

Ask the advice of an Independent Tyre Dealer, rather than one tied to particular brands.

Note: Australian production of car tyres stopped a few years ago, in fact all tyres are now imported. Most of the big European and USA brands are now made in China.